Official communication from Atari has shown that many “retro games” will be coming to Atari VCS which will be sold for about $250. The console will have a lot of content in a love that is expected to win back the brand’s fans. The release, which is expected to happen in 2020 will be as a result of a partnership with Antstream Arcade.

Wisely Chosen Content

According to Arzt, they have been working on the content for a long time to enhance the sandbox mode. The Atari VCS edition will have a wide collection of games that will be easy to access.

With over 2000 games that have been licensed officially, the VCS app will have the largest collection of games. They have different formats such as the enhanced edition and original formats and will be accessible on different platforms such as home platforms, as well as arcade and mobile platforms.

Free Trial

The app will come with a one month free trial period and after that, there will be several payment options for monthly and annual subscriptions. Atari VCS will have 50 titles when it launches but it is expected to have additional games added regularly.

The titles from Antstream Arcade will be able to match the Atari VCS Classic Joystick as well as Atari VCS Modern Controller. There will also be additional functionality such as a multiplayer feature.

Titles Available

Some of the well-known titles you should expect on Atari VCS include Night Driver, Adventure, Pong, Yars’ Revenge and Tempest 2000. The gaming system will allow players to customize them through personal apps and streaming media.

AMD Ryzen processor and Radeon graphics provide HDR streaming while the controller and Joystick make it easier to handle the device. The multimedia of Atari Sandbox Mode provides more versatility and freedom that isn’t available in other home gaming systems. This allows you to play other games such as windows on this platform.

The Atari VCS systems and peripherals are already available at and and can be pre-ordered but the shipments will be made beginning in March. More updates regarding products, streaming, entertainment content, distribution and software development.

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