Genuinely every person would wish to be a walker and also be more practical to Wookie. The drying earth is humanity and overpopulated searches for new planets to colonize and still extract much-required resources. However, the Eldorado is one of the earth’s world covered with massive mountains and jungles full of rare, admirable minerals, and it a perfect option for colonization. Moreover, this is the selling point of this game, and someone should anticipate a lot of fun.

In essence, any walker’s animation is pretty calm, though it controls does not replicate the fluidity of any movement. Simultaneously, Using the left stick, the player moves while the right one for aiming. Also, someone got a line of sight, and that where you should strike, but since there is no floating or wobble of this line seen of the display, it is challenging to get individual on the ground in the player’s sight.

Precision is the Key

Besides, similar to an analog controller, any player should move it slower for precision, and once you got shot, there is a strong sense of urgency that cannot be performed. The most acceptable method for hitting the people is splash damage, though it might take relatively longer to access. Also, the standard is helpful, provided the player won’t overuse them.

Intermittently, the natives might get at the top of the cockpit, and you got no weapons installed, here you should rock left analog stick and onward shake it off. Due to its strange sound, you will notice them splatting on the ground and follow with a cheeky stomp to anyone nearby. However, about moving the walker, probably the controls may take a little getting utilized to.

You grasp the left analog stick to any direction you wish to go and then press ZL with every movement. Moreover, every action operates in succession, and someone can successfully switch back using the left gain if someone wants to fine-tune the stomping on foot soldiers. Besides, many times the player can get motionless and pick off any waves of the enemies.

Eventually, the game is much fun at the commencement; you play the preamble of kinds as your brother. However, his legacy as a hero got fulfilled since he was competent to fend off all enemies for a longer duration until one of their heads tosses to the cockpit, killing him. Therefore, five decades later, you replace this place with a target of wiping all natives and revenge his demise to some degree.

Furthermore, similar to the health meter, a gauge beneath specifies the player’s oxygen levels. The moments it runs out, the game is over. the oxygen is replenished via positions that function as a checkpoint or positioned at the end of any mission. Additionally, someone got two significant selections repairing the walker or upgrading it using air filters, armor, cooling systems, energy capacities, and canons in this step.

Besides, all these elements are self-explanatory, though to abridge, the air filters upsurge the player oxygen. Hence, he/she last longer; the energy capacity is the sum someone can fire before requiring a cooling-off while the cooling system hastes up that procedure. Moreover, if someone decides to begin Be-A Walker: the battle of Eldorado, you got easy cannon, though as the prologue teases, someone will ultimately unlock a cool arsenal like homing and rockets missiles.

Be-A Walker is one the best stimulating idea since the purpose of blasting via shooting enemies is amusing when the player got his/her handicaps, which avoids making it too simple. Besides, it mainly moves right and left, picking off what you’re capable of using your weapons and crushing everything else. The presentation is enjoyable, though it feels more at home, similar to the mobile game compared to console.

Also, many ports located on the switch are from mobile games though they operate. The graphics are comfortable but decent; still, the animation on any walker appears very lovely, and the soundtrack of the fantastic tribal drums and the 16-bit score is pretty good. Also, the character layouts seem reasonable, while the voice of acting is outstanding. Additionally, with extra upgrades, the game adds more enjoyment; there are few dialogue segments with player brief and evolution of the story in between the missions.


To conclude, the game is exciting for the players who enjoy the challenge and accept replaying the mission with a target of getting through the story. Good Luck!

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