Set the Mood on Your Background

If you are looking to personalize your background on your smartphone, luckily there are dozens of wallpaper apps that can bring you insane variety of different images that you can incorporate into your phone’s background. Find that perfect element that pulls everything together using any of these fun wallpaper apps from our list, so without further a due, let’s dive into them!

Best Android Wallpaper Apps

1. Skull Live Wallpaper

If you are a bit on a dark side, try out this wallpaper app and find numerous options with smoke effects, burning skulls and live water effects. Personalize your device just the way you want with a set of 18 HD wallpapers and a variety of specifications for the users. All backgrounds are free for download and you get place a new look to your device right away.

2. Football Wallpaper

In love with football? Then pick this wallpaper app and choose from many image options of Ronaldo, Messi or other famous football player and place it to your device’s screen. Wallpapers are free of charge and you can even get for when your device is on lock screen. Give it a go and see what this awesome app has to offer.

3. Beach Live Wallpaper

Like the beach and palm trees? Well, then this wallpaper app is a perfect fit for you. pick from a variety of live images from different categories. All wallpapers are free to download, and 3D live wallpapers will bring a while new dimension to your phone’s display. Immerse into bright and beautiful look every time you unlock your device.

4. Neon 2 HD Wallpapers

Using this awesome app, you can discover thousands of HD wallpapers and fit it to your screen. All themes are completely free, and you can even insert an icon packed background and give your device a whole new look. There are daily updates so users never get bored from the same ol’ wallpapers showing over and over again and you can also get to choose a surprise package. You can also share your wallpaper to social networks using this app.

5. Girly Wallpapers & Backgrounds

This app won’t ask you for a dime, you just have to pick from a variety of different wallpapers and choose the best one that fits your personal style the most. With over 10,000 wallpapers in count, all of them are lovely and girly so there is a reason why it’s a #1 wallpaper app. the app offers frequent updates, so you won’t get bored of seeing the same images and it’s supported by a wide variety of Android devices. download your wallpaper directly on your phone and if you feel like it, share it on social networks via app.

6. Walli – HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds

If you like HD and 3D images of creative wallpaper, then get this app and you see which ones you like the most. Pick from many categories like space, skulls, animals, nature and so on, and immerse into a full experience of having an amazing background picture on your screen at any time. The app is free of any cost so you can easily download whichever wallpaper you like. 

7. Car Wallpapers HD

The app offers a variety of different car images and you can definitely find your dream car and place it to your device’s screen. Choose between BMW, Hyundai, Bugatti, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Citroen, Dodge, Classic Cars, Sports Cars, Luxury Cars and more to place your perfect background image and enjoy it whenever you unlock your device.

8. Transparent Live Wallpaper

This free wallpaper app is really unique way to bring more joy to your screen. You can set your camera to take background photos and that way set your wallpaper. Basically, whatever is behind your phone will automatically become your wallpaper. Install the app and let the fun begin since it is free of any cost or in-app purchases.

9. 1800+ Glitter Wallpapers

This is the largest glittering wallpaper collection out there, so you have to find a perfect background for yourself. Lift up your mood any time you open your phone and see the sparkles from your screen waving back at you. Find an exceptional HD screen background or lock screen wallpaper to set on your device from outstanding 1800+ glitter wallpapers to pick from.

10. SuperHeroes Wallpaper

If have a favorite superhero or other fictional character, pick this app up and choose from a variety of superhero wallpapers and download any of them for free. All wallpapers are high quality since the app is rated 4.5! however, some images are copyrighted by owners, but they do not endorse them.

The Conclusion

While changing the appearance on your screen can make a huge difference in your mood, take a chance and pick from many wallpaper apps the right one for you and make your day better whenever you look at your favorite background. Since they are all free of cost, it’s a great way to personalize your device’s screen and add some beauty to it.

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