Today it is easier than ever to communicate and stay connected using simple messaging apps. The revolution is happening in front of our eyes, as developers are launching more sophisticated and useful apps day by day.

Finding the most suitable messaging app can come as a difficult task. That’s why we bring you some of the most fun and easy to use apps for chatting and making video calls with your loved ones. Check out the list below.

1.    Facebook Messenger

It was originally developed as a messenger app that had a few simple tools for texting and it was available for Facebook users. After it proved itself as most commonly used app, the designers decided to upgrade it to a separate app that is at disposal for everybody.

This app will sync all contacts in your phone because it integrates with almost all mobile versions.

2.    Snapchat

Back in 2019 Snapchat came into the spotlight as one of the most popular apps for chatting. Users make quick and short snaps and communicate with friends in a fun way.

But making the snaps is the most entertaining feature. You can choose many clip art options or live filters to express your thoughts. Make photo and use one of the numerous options to make it unique and share it with your friends. Chatting has never been so amusing!

3.    WhatsApp

Ever since it’s been developed, more than 500 million people use this app and the number of users is growing daily. More than 15 billion messages are sent every day using WhatsApp.

All you have to do is add your phone number and you will enter the network. You will be instantly provided by a list of all contacts that use this app and you are ready to start your chat. This app guaranties you safe texting. Also, you can easily send audio and video content, emojis and gifs, files and more.

4.    Google Hangouts

Originally, this app was created for conference calls with limited access to social networks such as Google+. But lately, it is becoming more and more popular as a texting app.

Google Hangouts partnered up with Google Talk and Voice and now it is becoming more popular than ever. Users can choose between regular texting and video calls.

Because it is easy to use, it is a number one choice of students and business beginners.

5.    SAY

This video chat app gained popularity in 2019. If you are bored with conventional texts and are looking for a way of making your friends and family laugh, this app is the right pick for you. This safe app lets you stay in close touch with your loved ones. Discard every contact you are not fond of and make chatting experience private and exclusive just for you.


No matter the type of conversation you want to have, you can find a suitable app to manage your needs. Texts, images or videos – you name it, and the right app will pop in the play store. Make far distances work for you by using any of the apps that serve only for bringing people closer together.