Nintendo have revealed plans to bring back one of it’s most successful franchises for the handheld Nintendo Switch format. Instead of Style Savvy and / or F-Zero, Nintendo decided to bring back Brain Training instead, and it will be released on 27 December in Japan.

Nintendo had a great deal of success with Brain Age:Train your Brain on the DS from 2005 onwards. The idea behind the game was simple enough, by completing training every day people could slow down mental decline related to the ageing process. This game was also popular with people who would not normally take part in gaming activities.

Brain Age works well with the Switch as it has an infared camera that can pick up hand movements as well as similar controls to the DS. I recently contacted Ninetendo to see if the game would be released in the United States.

There has been research that cast doubt on the claims that Brain Age is proven to slow down mental ageing. In the United States the Health Department would not be content if Nintendo made such claims. Other companies that have offered similar games have made such claims.

While Dr Kawashima claimed that Brain Age could help, Nintendo itself never made such a claim. The version of Brain Age for Switch once again continues the link with Dr Kawashima, and it will no doubt improve players’ arithmetic.

Stay tuned to find out when and where Nintendo will release this game on Switch outside of Japan.

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