Being unemployed in the anime world does not seem to be much of a problem, a job never seems too far away. Not only do single men get jobs in the first shop they go into, they are surrounded by pretty girls.

That is precisely the position that the main character in Cafe Crush found himself in. A waitress talks him into trying to get a job at the Kitty Cafe.

You play as the main character and there are three girls that work there, and it is possible to date any of them. On average it takes four days of playing the game to be able to ask one of the girls out on a date.

There is more than just dating to Cafe Crush, you can take part in quizzes and mini games, including a quiz on being a barista. You play the games and take the tests in order to improve your prospects of getting a date with one of the girls. The best performances decide who you will date, if at all.

Cafe Crush is fun to play, the games and quizzes, except for the barista one are not too difficult to complete. The game looks good and the story is fun.

Enjoy the game, perhaps the only minor complaint is that it could be longer.