The Felingard is in danger and this time two rulers will try to put the differences aside and save the land from ongoing war. There is a new character in form of Dog King and the adventure is boiling.

In this article we will try to explain all the tip and cheats we have learned while playing Cat Quest II. Continue reading and find out everything there is to know about combat, magic and gear. Let’s start!

Dodge the Trouble

As it is explained in the tutorial, you will see that your enemies always attack in the same manner. They will appear suddenly and destroy everything around them. So be cautious in any time and be prepared to move quickly to avoid unnecessary damage.

Dodge Roll can help you in these missions. Just tap the screen and your cat king will roll on the side and dodge the attack.

Keep an eye on magic spells because they can help you in offensive missions and battles with your enemies.

Watch for the Stats

There are three main stats you need to keep high. Attack Power is number one and it sets the force of your attacks. Magic Power improves the strength of your spells and Defense Power decreases the damage you suffer after attacks.

All these stats improve on their own whenever you pass a level. But there are a few ways of boosting them along the way. Try this by upgrading your kings’ gear. You can equip your kings in head, body and weapon slot in any way you like. You can make your cat and dog kings equal in power or make one of them more special.

Take Control in Important Battles

When you play the game in solo mode, the king that you don’t use at that moment will be taken over by AI. AI king will follow your pattern of attacks and will follow your lead in making damage to enemies. But this happens occasionally.

The advantage of AI king is that he is completely invincible and he will never die in fights. It is a good thing to use their power every now and then.

Every enemy is sensitive to different stuff. For example, flying rock enemies are vulnerable to magic attacks. So make sure you switch to Magician King in this sort of fights.

You can switch kings in any point of the game. But the tricky part is that they save their health during the switch. So never switch kings with low health bar.

Find Goodies in Dungeons

As you play the game, you notice dungeons that you can explore. In every dungeon there is a hidden chest with goodies. When you see a question mark above the dungeon this means that you have never explored it and you should take a look. There will be enemies in here so be prepared. When the Dungeon Complete notification pops, it means that you successfully beaten all foes and collected every goodie there is and you can move on.

Take Side Missions to Get Bonus

Pay attention to exclamation marks over heads of townsmen. It means that they have a side mission for you that can be profitable.

Doing these missions will help you gain experience points, rewards and upgrades.

These are all the cheats we have in our pockets for now. Start playing and maybe you find out something more and helpful. If so, please share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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