John Cena”. The first thing that comes to mind is probably “you can’t see me” not street racing.  Get ready for a new and unique racing game featuring John Cena, one of the most appreciated wrestlers, brought to you by the WWE. 

Game Play: You are a street racer trying to attract John Cena’s attention to have him take a liking to you and take you under his wing. You then get to learn from him all the wisdom he has gained during his life. Only Chuck Norris can be John Cena so players are just normal non-John Cena racers. 

Unlike most racing games, players do not control the steering of the car in John Cena’s Fast Lane. All the player controls is the shifting to make it incredible simple and easy. Apparently shifting and steering is asking too much of some players. 

Experience John Cena’s Fast Lane now by downloading for free on iTunes. It’s a unique game unlike any other that provides endless entertainment!

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