Disney has come out with a fun and fast-paced game called Disney Emoji Blitz. The game requires the player to match three like symbols. They also have the chance to unlock and use the Emojis in messages. There are some tips on how to look more Emojis during the gameplay.

If a player is looking to get a high score there are some great tips and cheats to use. You can download this game if you click here (Android users).

.1 Make Matches

The game moves quickly so one move does not have to end before another one begins. As soon as a match is made another one can begin. If a match is created on the left side of the screen look to the right and there is another match ready to happen. This can help improve the overall score.

.2 Focus on the Entire Thing

There is so much to see do not focus on one item. Focus on making matches and the items will be collected. Too much time is lost when focusing on just the needed items.

.3 Start at the Bottom

This game is better if the player starts are the bottom. Other matches can fall in place and more combinations can be made.

.4 Use Super Power Right Away

There will be some chests in the game that will be opened and these special emojis should be used right away. They can all help but it is important to use them before the time runs out.

.5 How to Unlock a Message

It is important to access this when it is requested. Go to the keyboard and hold down the earth globe and select Disney Emoji Blitz. It is not unlocked for the game.

.6 Complete the Missions

Try to complete the missions as soon as possible. This will keep the coins in and flowing. The faster the mission is completed the faster the emojis are collected.

These are some tips to help with the gameplay. If all else fails to keep on playing and all of the emojis will be unlocked as the game progresses.

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