Disney Emoji Blitz wants you to have lots of fun so they’re planning some hot summer activities. One of the events that are truly hot is their release of the new Lion King emojis. This is happening at a perfect time as the new live-action movie is soon to be released.

The first event is happening right now until July 22 and it features the kings’ return. Players can help Simba reach his full potential in the new event Lion King Survival. The goal is to help Simba become the new king. Players will also have the option of pulling Nala and Shenzi from The Diamond Box.

From July 24 to July 25, players will be able to complete the summer Holiday Item Card. On this card, players must complete the objectives listed on the card. During this time, players who finish can turn in their card for a free Diamond Box. In this box, players will find Holiday Minnie, Holiday Mickey, and Holiday Pluto which are three special holiday emojis.

The last event which starts July 26 and ends on July 29th is called “Clear The Ink”. The objective is for players to get rid of some really gross ink. For completing this task, players will be rewarded with rare emojis. Some of these emojis include Rainbow Mickey, Steamboat Willie, Rose Gold Minnie, Retro Minnie or Oswald.

Find Disney Emoji Blitz as it is available for download in The App Store and Google Play Store.

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