Development for the game is in progress and everyone’s excited! The sequel to your favorite sci-fi romp is out now, and it’s taking you on a marvelous journey through the world of Utopia! In the second episode of Evolution, gamers have an intense gameplay experience with shooting, action, strategy and RPG elements. Contrary to the first Evolution game which was solely a third-person shooter game. BV has been creating a vast variety of different games in a bunch of different genres, some of their most popular are action genre games. But they’re also known for creating and updating multiple Evolution series games.

The latest game in the series is Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia, a long-awaited sequel to his brother’s name. Beautiful battle scenes will return with new details, revealing remaining points of interest in its plot. Players will keep going with sci-fi action RPG. This final Part in the series will provide an insight into the most intense and powerful moments of Part 1 and show them through a different angle. The tales of Utopia’s universe are presented to players at a faster, more destructive & engaging pace.

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