For the past two years, some of the best mobile gamers in Taiwan and South Korea teamed up with Sky People to help polish and refine Final Blade.

Those two years were worth the wait. Because of their efforts, Final Blade has become a unique and fully-polished RPG. With a lot of strategy and loot, you may find this gacha-style game to be both fun and eye-catching at the same time.

In Final Blade, you play as the Black Prince in a fantasy world. Your goal is to save the kingdom of Taemoon from an evil villain known as Cheukchun. She attacks you with a giant monster and unleashes the forces of chaos upon Taemoon! Now you must gather heroes and get friends by your side – you can unlock up to 300 characters – and defeat evil through missions and summons.

The beautiful 2D art really stands out as you build up your army and fight. There are different modes of play, but the Adventure campaign is where you will see the most action. As you level up through Adventure mode, you’ll start to unlock the various other parts of the game.

Adventure mode is broken down into different chapters, each with eight stages and two bosses at the end. You can customize part of your RPG experience by forming your fighting party and choose what position each hero takes – or, auto-assign roles and get right into the action!

Speaking of auto-assignment, there are a lot of parts of the game that can be automated if you are feeling overwhelmed by all of the customization options. You can automate everything from a single party formation to an entire chapter, watching the battle unfold before your eyes.

You just can’t automate your Ultimate power, which is a strong skill you can use just one time per stage.

As you kill enemies, you will collect the souls they leave behind. These souls convert into various types of currency for the game, such as rice and sapphires. These can be used to unlock other tools and content, including:

Training to boost your XP

Daily dungeon modes

Raid bosses

Black Money (you can loot wagons of cold to increase your currency)

Not to mention, there is a PvP and multiplayer component to this colorful game. You can join a clan, engage in team battles, or even fight against other players. This will give you more loot and XP, of course.

There’s even more to the game than that. There are micromanagement aspects that some players may find enjoyable. For example, you have the ability to summon heroes, but some of them may be more helpful to you than others. You will have to figure out which heroes you want on your team.

It takes time to learn how to create balanced teams and manage your parties in a way that can equip you for every kind of battle. The great thing about Final Blade is that you can be as effortless or effort-driven as you want. This means that it will adapt to your playstyle, whether you enjoy hands-off automated play or an involved micromanagement game style. Not to mention the unique 2D art will keep you coming back!

Download Final Blade for free today in the App Store or Google Play and check it out for yourself. If you like futuristic and sci-fi games, check out this one!