Over the years we have seen so many games that include card trading and football. And even though many of them have limitations and drawbacks, fans are eager to get their hands on every new release. I think it is the same here. Because you can’t go wrong with football.

I guess Football Season is more about fun because game is quite easy and it’s not much of challenge. Each game lasts for one season. For each game you will have seven cards in your deck. During the game you can upgrade these cards and expand the deck. Your aim is to win as many games as you can.

There are different cards and you use them depending on the type of mach. For example, when you play a direct match you will use the cards with only one power and the player who has the highest number at the end wins the match.

In some other matches such as cup or Champions matches you can use cards that bring you money and fame or earn you an extra draw. The money you earn in these matches can be spent on buying new cards so you upgrade your deck. All in all, it is pretty easy to follow and it is even easier when you actually play.

Each month you have to play a certain number of matches. So it is difficult to divide your modest set of cards to all these matches. You will want to win them all, and that is the whole point, but sometimes you will have to make a choice and skip some less important matches so you have a decent deck for the bigger ones. The decisions are not easy, but that is the fun part of the game.

So this brings us to the not so much fun part. The game requires a lot of in-game purchasing and it impossible to play it without spending some real money. Honestly, this is a repellent for me and I usually pass these games. In order to get yourself a decent deck you have to make some purchases or spam your friends with invites and none of these are pleasant.

Most of the good cards are locked and expensive or you have to unlock many cards before them and this just goes on in circle and requires so much time.

Of course, if you have time on your hands, you can avoid spending money and after a long time of dedicated playing you can make a real progress in the game. So it is up to you, will you spend the money and get to top real fast or you will take the longer free path?

As for the visual part, the game looks fun and appealing. The cards have decent drawings that resemble cartoon characters and give a fresh and playful touch to the scenery.

In case that you don’t like this game, or football games generally, read about THIS ONE. You might like it!