In November, Frozen Adventures, which is a match-three puzzle mobile game, will be released to consumers by Jam City. This game goes hand-in-hand with the animated film Frozen 2, which will also be released in November. It is a game that is currently available for pre-registration via Google Play for both iOS and Android. Players who go ahead and signup before the release date will acquire a distinct in-game item.

Discovering the Magical World of Frozen

Frozen Adventures will prompt players to join Olaf, Sven, Anna, Kristoff, and Elsa in order to discover the Kingdom, integrate elements to the castle, and engage in Arendelle and other spots. This much anticipated game is being regarded as one of the best that players will experience this year.

Jam City & Disney Join Forces

The CEO of Jam City, Chris DeWolfe, mentioned that he and the staff are more than excited to be working in conjunction with Disney to bring gamers the incredible world of the film Frozen to every mobile gamer. DeWolfe went on to express that they have worked very hard to ensure every player acquires a magical experience from this game.

Jam City Goes the Extra Mile & Has a Track Record to Prove It

Jam City has become well-known for going the extra mile in everything it releases to the public, hence why it has been able to garner more than $500 million USD. Since it has already unveiled Frozen Adventures, numerous reviews have already been pouring in. The majority of them have been positive, which has contributed for the excitement of its release to increase. This company keeps impressing and it appears that it will keep on impressing for many years to come.