It was recently announced that Tencent acquired twenty-nine percent of the Norway-centered company Funcom’s shares, causing it to become the biggest shareholder present in the field of independent developers and publishers of games.

Funcom Is Honored to Work in Conjunction with Tencent

In a press release, Rui Casais, who is the chief executive officer at Funcom expressed that the company is honored that Tencent has become the biggest shareholder in their company, because it has a reputation that brings meaningful value to anything it conducts. They are now working in conjunction on a game that will be released next year.

Funcom Never Fails to Impress

Founded in 1983, Funcom has introduced a variety of games, such as Conan Exiles, that have not failed to impress multitudes around the globe. It has created multiplayer online-based roleplaying games, made The Secret World (2012), and even Anarchy Online (2001). The Longest Journey and its adventurous sequels were developed by this company, too.

Tencent Remains the Largest Gaming Company At the moment, Tencent is a minority and majority holder of several entities. Tencent announced in May that it acquired Sharkmob. In July, Tencent announced the partnership with The Pokemon Company. It appears that nothing is holding this Chinese company back to remaining the largest gaming company in this day and age.

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