Award-winning Hello There Games presented to us Gravity back in 2018, featuring mixes of Swedish DJ Avicii so if you have enjoyed games like Temple Run and Sonic Dash, you will probably also like playing this novel twist of the endless runner while DJ Avicii music is playing in the background. With distinctive graphics and simple gameplay, immerse in the world of Gravity.

In this game you will control a spaceship and you will guide it through a tunnel which is shaped like a triangle but curves and winds through a wireframe alien land. You will be able to flip your spacecraft in three directions of the tunnel and approach obstacles which will than take the form of another spacecraft. These shapes form the main focus of the game, so you are on a mission to hit those obstacles in required color and build up your points.

If you hit the wrong colored obstacle, that will increase your spacecraft’s speed and also difficulty of the game. You can obtain credits by catching bonuses and that way provide for yourself with another ship and unlock different power-ups. While progressing through the game you will also unlock different game exclusive Avicii mixes of tracks. Some tracks will be available for purchases so you can do that via iTunes library. Music will react to your progress so make sure to keep up the good work! It will increase the pressure on the player so that way the gameplay could potentially be highly effective. While you are building chains, the music will progress making the experience exciting and challenging.

Enter a state where you float and ride through endless arty environments. Earn tokens using slot machines which are going to determine your next ride. Also don’t forget to visit a store where you can find plenty of collectibles, songs and credits. Unlock daily challenges and achievements while also unlocking new ships and upgrades. There is a party in space, and you are finally invited so join in on fun and exciting experience where there is no gravity! Your progress will determine how energetic the song is going to be and the environment will also change to match the music.

Gravity’s simple but effective gameplay mechanics really add up to game’s appeal. With the rest of the sound design taking a minimalist approach, the main effect creates your craft’s movement. We are not going to argue that controls are not responsive, because there is no doubt about them – they are quite amazing, making your spacecraft move in directions that you want and without glitching.

Overall, this app is something different so if you are looking for trance-induces music to play in the background while you drive your craft, you might want to check this one out. It is suitable for Android and iOS devices so be sure to get it in the store.

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