The lawless land of Bash Isles waits for your quest and exploration. Enter the world of castles, dungeons and battles. Gather an army and start conquering and claiming your land.

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If this sounds exciting, go through this guide as we will show you some tips and tricks how to make a kingdom of your own, win battles and protect your land from possible intruders.

How to Build Your Base and Make a Proper Defense?

Every player has to have one thing on his mind – give a personal statement in every step of the game. When you are building your empire, try to make it as special as you can. Be the ruler of your territory, because there will be a lot of other players that will try to take it away from you and empty your resources. That’s way the game offers you these main structure categories that you can use:

  • Defense buildings
  • Resource buildings
  • Traps

Find the best way to protect yourself using Defense buildings. Try out Arrow Towers or Walls to keep your enemies as further as possible.

Number one targets of your enemies are Resource buildings because they are the most important places for your fortune. Other players will try to rob you at all costs, so place them in hidden parts of the territory with difficult access.

Traps will help you catch your enemies of guard. If they get too close to your territory, they will set off bombs. But watch out, these can make as much damage to you and your territory as they make to the enemies.

Now, let’s make an example for using all three advantages. Try to make them work together for you. Lead enemies to take a path to your territory by placing walls on certain places. Put traps and towers on this path and make more damage to the enemies who try to rob you.

Create Your Team of Heroes

By choosing the right hero you can ensure your success in this game. That’s why it is very important to know the characteristics of each hero role.

Tanks are great for frontline clashes. They are powerful and can take up a lot of damage. Place them in the front anytime, no matter if you are defending your territory or attacking an enemy.

Warriors have the ability to fight in close encounters. But be aware that they are not as strong as Tenks, and place them further back.

Behind Warriors, you can put an army of Mages. They are the most powerful assets and make the most damage. But you need to protect them carefully, because of their fragility.

Shooters stand in the very back and attack the enemies from a distance. They usually have special skills to make damage to the foes, but they are also very fragile.

Upgrade Your Heroes

When your heroes go to battles they gain experience. But you can make them more experienced on the spot, by using special potions. This is how you can encrease their stats and open more available upgrades.

Equip your hero with the right gear. You have five different gear slots, so equip them wisely before heading into battle. This also gives your heroes a stat boost.

 Taking over the Adventure Map

Besides the battles you can play in the adventure mode. In this option you will still be able to fight, but you will do it from a map that is filled with hidden treasures, ambushes and resources. Capture the basis of your enemies and collect special rewards. You can also travel to a special level filled with defensive structures and earn more treasure.