Immersive and mythological, Heroes of Camelot is set in imaginary version of England where you will be fighting Morgana, the evil queen and the Black Knight. They have casted the undead followers to make you path more difficult so you must explore the land and claim it back from enemies. The world is filled with dragons and unicorns, so if you are into all of that, this game will be quite fun.

You will be collecting battle cards and by combining them, bring down the beasts that are lurking around the corner. With each card having a unique support of abilities, make sure to upgrade them all for the fullest potential once combined.

Some combination will bring significant amount of damage so beware to make those perfect combos and bring your enemy to its knees. There are hundreds of different cards to discover so be patient and unlock all of them. It is completely worth it.

Unfortunately, the gameplay is missing flexibility and getting more interactive opportunities. You will be going through the world as everyone else without many choices for real exploration.  The combat is not quite exciting since once you get into the battle and all cards are placed; you have no control over what is going on. But keep in mind you can always press the ‘skip’ button and make thing a lot faster while also continuing the progress.

On the other hand, visually, Heroes of Camelot is very well rendered with basic fantasy design but still filled with enough fighters to block the landscapes. Animation is quite boring and monotone with very limited movement, which is quite disappointing.

The music is very minimal which is fitting to the whole concept of the game, with a very few sound effects to distinct a magic move. You will have ability to purchase a variety of potions inside a shop and also sell your goodies that you no longer want, and that way make some extra bucks.

After your progress into the game even further you will be able to play PvP with other players and battle them. Overall, it’s an amusing card collecting game where you can compete with other players and find different and interesting card combinations.

If you are a fan of this kind of genre, check out Heroes of Camelot and explore the world while combating the enemies. Pay a visit to the PvP arena and test your tactics and skills on other players. While weak combats are a downside, the game is playable but leaves you wanting more.

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