If you are into psychological horror runner, then this one could be the one to try out. The story of HopBound is pretty simple: Mayumi is running to find out the truth while demons from the past are back to haunt her. While she thought she buried the hatches from the past, she was wrong.

This sequel of Dare Evil EXE is fully connected to the past story but players that are new and unfamiliar with the story can enjoy it. Don’t let 2-bit graphics and a retro approach fool you, HopBound is brutally difficult and you will need to control Mayumi’s running while constantly being alerted.

Through her journey, she will encounter a variety of horrific monsters and creatures that are trying to stop her finding out the truth. You can find many new creatures but also enjoy the ones from the previous games.

In this horror story, you will discover what is the fate of Mayumi and if you are up for some intensity while beating the high score, you can also try yourself in an endless mode where you can see how long can you last for.