It is most likely you will get addicted to Infection Bio War, since it’s free to play and filled with challenges. There are not ads, so you can enjoy a gameplay without any interruptions and focus on destroying the world while spreading viruses. So, let’s check out some Infection Bio War tips and tricks that will help you win every challenge and do it all over again.

First transmit, then resist

The main mission in the game is to infect as many people as you can at first. You can infect everyone while there is still no cure, just be sure to focus on Transmission traits. After that, make sure to invest in resistance since your goal is to make the research as slow as possible so that way your virus could wipe everyone before the cure is discovered.

Play on easy mode

Since this way you will win easier, you will also unlock plenty of bonuses in your future gameplays. Make sure to get all the possible evolutions while playing on easy mode and then try yourself in other modes while having those extra bonuses right by your side.

Which evolutions to pick

In the game there are all together 10 Evolutions and you can pick only five. The best approach is to use Migrant, Foreigners and Lethality Boost.

Where to begin

Start with the most difficult countries to infect so begin with Madagascar and Greenland and that way make things easier. Whatever approach you decide to take, keeping the virus silent in order to infect the whole globe is not going to be an easy task so pick basically any country and start from there.

Get those bubbles

If you pop bubbles you can get those DNA points. You need those points since the more points you have, the easier win of the game will be.

In case you are having troubles winning even after all of the countries are infected, think again. Even if all countries are infected, it doesn’t mean that all people are infected also. You need to make a perfect balance between evolving the symptoms and catching the disease, since you don’t want infected people to die before spreading the virus to others. The best way is to wait until every single person in the globe is infected or just leave out some lethal traits so that way people won’t die faster than spreading the disease.

With enough of planning, and with these tips and tricks, you will be able to infect the whole world on easy mode and move to harder ones. So, make the most of it and have fun! If you have any tips and tricks you want to share, please do so in the comments below.

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