Are you a fan of iOS games? Then this is going to be a great week for you. There are 11 great games that are still available in the iTunes store. Rymdkapsel, unlike its challenging pronunciation, it has remained at the top of the charts for a long period and the other games will also be ranked the same.

Excited? Wait until you hear the games that iOS plans to release during the week. Check out the trailer to learn more about the games.

The Drowning

The first thing that captured my eyes was that this game is for FREE!! That’s a catch. When it comes to handling the movement of the characters, the game does not disappoint just like any other iOS games. Watching the trailer gives the vibe of a must play.


This is a minimalist games. The blending of tetris with base building and strategy, pixelated graphics, and experimental soundtracks is remarkable. It has a gameplay below but this is not to mean that the game is not fun, because it surely is A LOT more fun.

Kidd Tripp

The game is in the zone of freaky retro and is a hardcore platformer that suits hardcore gamers. It is nightmarishly hard game with pixelated graphics and the hero looks like a younger version of Mario.

Droidscape Basilica

Just like the name suggests, there is a droid named Bishop 7 that is set to save the ramaining Chronomancers. The droid is small and unarmed. The year is 4057, and the Chronomancer is abducted in a gargantuan Basilica, where he is expected to give the secrets of time travel. His death would make the world a darker place.

Knightmare Tower

It is a running game where the character should save princesses, hack enemies, and become rich in the process. It is an exciting game.


It is a music-driven, score challenge game with breathtaking visual and electronic soundtrack. It tests the dexterity of the gamer while providing endless fun. The inspiration of the game seems like it came from arcade game because of the sound attack and music visualizers.

Happy Dinos

Another free game it is. It involves decorating an island to make the Dinos happy with the help of Kaylee and Ace who are Dino trainers. What’s more interesting I that you get to discover thousands of hybrids after breeding the Dinos.

Muscle Run

It is a game of thrilling races that makes provides 100% real feelings of driving. There are unlimited unique tracks that have their unforgettable sensations and dangers. Participating in competitions earns the gamer money which can be used to make a garage for muscle cars.

Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends

Eva goes back to claim her inheritance in Prague and finds herself in a ghostly and terrifying adventure. A group of alchemists plan to enslave the world and Eva, whose origin has a shocking secret, is to be sacrificed. She finds an inner bravery, searches for clues, solves puzzles, and meets her match.

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