Kick-Flight is finally here and it comes as a multiplayer game full of excitement and adventure! Four on four battles will fill you with gems and rewards if you win.

It this article we will explain you all there is to know about combat, kickers and their skills and more. So let’s waste no time and dive into Kick-Flight tips and cheats!

Winning Each Mode


This is the only mode available to you in the beginning. You will be put in the field with your enemy and the aim is to collect as many crystals as possible. The team that has a greater collection is the winner.

When the match starts try to scoop as many crystals as you can. You will notice big orbs scattered around the map. These are called Guardians and you can keep your crystals in them. They will be safe with the Guardians because if the enemy approaches, they will set off and cause damage.

When the enemy knocks you down, you will lose all the crystals you carry. That’s why we suggest keeping crystals with Guardians. Also, when you carry to many crystals your Kicker will fly slower.

But keep in mind that Guardians can also be defeated. When they take damage from the enemy’ team they slowly start losing the crystals. That’s why try making a team of high-health Kickers that is successful in knocking down the Guardians.

Flag Collectors

Another mode of playing is collecting the flags. You will see flags all over the field and your mission is to collect three flags of your team’s color and bring them in your base scoring a victory. Whenever you collect a flag you will get some team points.

You can also steal enemy’s flags and hide them in your base. This way the enemy can’t strike a win and you will have more time to collect what you need.

Your Kickers can carry only one flag at a time. The same way as crystals, the flags also slow down your Kickers so keep that in mind. Try to organize your team and split your Kickers so that one carries the flag to the base and the others keep the enemy away.

Ball Quest

Third mode in Kick-Flight is Ball Quest. This means that you will try to grab the ball and take it to the Guardian defended goal. You have to destroy the Guardian or the goal won’t open. The team with more points wins the match.

Carrying the ball slows down the Kickers so you must have your team on the watch. Go through the field all together and destroy the Guardian together. When you defeat him the gate opens for only a little time and when it closes the Guardian appears and you have to fight him again.

Try to take down as many enemy’s Kickers as you can. While they recover, you will have a clear path to catching the ball.

Kickers by Type

There are four main classes of Kickers and each has its benefits and assets. Let’s check them in short.

  • Attack – Best ones for chest to chest fights!
  • Speed – They are quick and cruise the battlefield.
  • Tank – They are strong and can take a lot of damage.
  • Support – These are extremely important because they can heal others. Take good care of your Support Kickers.

Each Kicker has three main skills. They all have Kicker’s skill and it is their most powerful move. Then there is a Special skill that can be used only when you are fully charged. Passive ability is special characteristic and activates occasionally.

Discs by Type

These tiny chips load powerful tricks. You can have four of these in one battle. Let’s see what kind of disks there are and how they can help you.

  • Heal Discs – recharge your health bar
  • Buff Discs – increase your attack power and other stats
  • ATK Discs – do damage to your enemies
  • Trap Discs – make traps on battlefield in order to disable your enemies
  • Wrap Discs – bring you back to your starting point. This means all your stats will be the same as in the beginning
  • Move Discs – make you more mobile in fights.

Ready For Battle!

Now you can finally choose the right Kicker and Discs for your fighting style. If you see the boiling situation, make the first move and attack. You must be fearless if you want to succeed.

Whatever you do, keep a close eye on your stats and support your team in any way so you don’t get hurt.

These are all tips we have prepared for you. Hope this draws your attention enough to download this game. You absolutely won’t regret playing it and expect nothing but adventure and excitement. If you have something more about this game that you think is useful, please share it in comment section below.