The Kill or Love is a novel game written by Andy Church. In terms of plot it is similar to My Neighbour is aYandere or Misery. This game narates the story of Jack Friday, a man suffering from severe memory loss, and who seems to have a serious problem revolving around stalking.

Jack gets himself a job at a hardware store, where he begins to receive frequent and not too welcome visits from a young woman called Anna. It seems that she knows Jack yet he does not remember her.

He enjoys working at the store, and makes friends with Grace. Jack and Grace begin dating, which does not please Anna, who begins to make plans to take Grace out of the picture.

Jack, Grace, and Anna are the three main charaters, the only other character of note is a doctor. Anna is determined to break up the happy couple and get together with Jack herself.

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All the characters are drawn well, and over all the animation is of a high quality. The game provides more background for the main characters and it makes it even darker. Jack has not always been as nice as he seems to be. The game is good, as is the story, though it is a short tale. It is a dark story yet a game that is more than worth playing. It plays well, looks good and the plot is good.