What would you do if everything you knew changed?

Developed by KickBack, this game promises to keep you interested and hooked in front of your device until the mystery is solved, but unfortunately that might not be the case. While it’s starting pretty slow and you might have an urge to give up on a gameplay, once you give it 15 more minutes you might change your mind and decide to continue playing.

Don’t always believe in what you see

In the game, your name is Greg and your girlfriend Chloe is missing after a strange even occurs and you start to investigate the case on your own since you figure out that nobody really remembers who she is. Immerse in a world of point and click adventures and explore the city, solve mysteries and interact with variety of characters while slowly making progress to the end.

Lost Echo’s visual environments are on point without a doubt, but for its very slow translates in a long intro sequences, the gameplay is so slowed down and makes you feel like you are not actually making any progress for a while.

Otherwise, it is really a joy for the eye since everything looks good including backgrounds, characters and even small details. Search for different characters through-out the game to seek clues about Cloe’s disappearance and find out what happened. You will have ability to use your cell phone to make calls, light up the dark space and record variety of audios as a memo.

Use crowbar to open doors and with a sharp piece of glass help yourself cut things. The game makes it very easy to make actions by a hot spot indicator and dismissing all unwanted items that are no longer necessary, so you will always have no more than five objects at the time in your possession.

This modern point-and-click adventure pocket game is set in near future where technology is a little more expand and mysterious occurrences as scientific phenomena are happening.

Your job is to complete variety of puzzles by logical conclusions instead of combining random items to solve the mystery and find out what happened to Chloe that night in the park when bright light accrued. You are pulled into a world of Lost Echo by strange events and within a few minutes into the story, you will find yourself wanting more.

But the problem initiates right when the dialog starts and at first glance you are not sure if Greg and Chloe and even in a relationship while their communication is quite distant and cordial. Even when you progress into the game, the characters you meet have pretty negative personalities but at least they can be from time to time a little helpful with giving you certain information to progress the story. With the lack of development, the plot is burdened after the midpoint twist and you are offered and sudden fascinating twirl that affects how the game will continue and everything that was leading right to the point.

Right when you would think that the plot would have a potential of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, it throws a final wrench with completely nonsensical near miss. If you are in a mood for exciting but really slow mystery solving by clicking around to move and view objects, you are in for a treat.

While Greg might not be a perfect protagonist our gaming has ever seen, you can enjoy the challenges and wonderful exploration through the city. It is a really good adventure puzzle game for fans of this genre, and it will most certainly bring back the classic gameplay that was popular back in the days, and maybe gets you hooked for hours.

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