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In this game you will fighting dragons that have not been wiped out. Hence, the warriors need to focus on finding the reawakened descendants of the dragons and eradicating them in order to defend the continent together! Collect shards to summon your exclusive God Envoy! Owning different skills respectively, the 4 Envoys will come to your aid when you are in danger. Create a guild with like-minded friends along your journey and fight together to defeat the powerful Demon King! The guild can be either a warm haven or a tavern where you can spend your time gossiping. Grab any number of free diamonds using our generator and check out the instructions below!

How to Use This Cheat?

Make sure to add the username you are using currently in the game, and insert the number of free diamonds you want to store in. Whenever you come back you can repeat the same process without paying any money, so make sure to verify and complete this part. After that you can add those new goods to your game and spend them however you want. You can verify easily by completing a few tasks so just download two free games or fill out two free surveys.

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