Recently, Mario Kart Tour added new content to its game with the introduction of the Tokyo Tour. But even better news was announced as Halloween Tour will become the newest addition to Mario Kart Tour.

The Halloween Tour will be bringing brand new content, though it is yet to be detailed in full. What is known at this time is two new characters will become playable. One being King Boo, the other is fan-favorite Waluigi. King Boo will bring along with it a skill that is suited to its character while Waluigi will come with an offensive-oriented skill.

Also being introduced as a playable character in Halloween Tour will be Luigi. This is done to help celebrate the release of Luigi’s Mansion 2, the Waluigi Pinball Track, and Luigi’s Mansion course from Mario Kart DS.

So, if you’re excited about this news and can’t wait, you won’t have to! Mario Kart Tour’s Halloween Tour begins tomorrow, so be sure to get those carts ready for more racing fun.

To help prepare Mario Kart Tour for the upcoming release of Halloween Tour, an update of 700 MB has been released for both the iOS and Android systems. This update will also include fixes for known issues.

Mario Kart is now available worldwide on both iOS and Android.

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