Worth your time?

Like a few other games, Mr NooO! can’t really be classified in any genre. It’s can’t be ranked as a shooter or RPG, and it is definitely not a puzzle. It’s just one of those games you really can’t point a finger where to place them, but one thing is definite – Mr NooO! was never made to be potentially game of the year.

With a simple game concept, Mr NooO! is controlled by you through a series of 2D level while he is moving around across not so stable conveyor belt. There is a button at one end of the conveyor which you have to touch so electricity could be fully charged. After the meter gets completely full, you can complete the level and get onto the next one. The large wall filled with spikes will be found on the other end of the conveyor and that it pretty much there is to it. 

Mr NooO is promised to be an ‘exhilarating action game’ but the truth is far from that. You control Mr NooO! by simply holding your finger on the screen, and if you want him to stop running forward just let go of the screen, which makes things pretty unamusing quickly. Since many of the levels can be completed by simply holding the screen without worrying obstacles; they won’t nearly come to you to cause any damage.

While once you proceed through the gameplay, some levels will require some extra work, like dodging so be prepared for that. It is most of the time just not exhilarating enough. With its lack of entertainment value, Mr NooO! is one of those games that promises you fun and games and gives you not just uninteresting gameplay but rather unoriginal content.

Each level looks like the previous one, and so on, so you basically just play over and over the similar levels without any integrated amusement whatsoever, with only minor differences in color scheme. With quite bland graphics, this game is presented by a casual animated stickman, spiked wall and an electrical meter, while the rest of the screen is filled with simplicity of dull black background.

Even the ‘things’ which are your obstacles aren’t given much thought in detail while designing them, but they are the only moving objects besides you so better use up what you have been served. To be fair, there are absolutely no in-app purchases in this game, which is really rare in mobile games these days, but in case you decide you wish to continue after dying, you are forced to wait another 30 seconds for adds to complete and you could unlock your next try.

The downside for the game developer’s is that those add games could seem far more interesting than continuing to play Mr NooO! and most of players will rush off and click on the add rather than returning after 30 seconds for more torture.

Sometimes, simplicity can be a perfect recipe for a successful game, but in this case, it is definitely not. Once you start the game you will realize soon enough that there is quite a bit of lack of imagination and creativity, while with no excitement there is really no point in continuing to complete the same levels over and over again while the biggest mission is to dodge.

Mr NooO could potentially be a great game if the developers realized the idea and the whole concept even further into something really interesting and appealing. Otherwise, it just came across as lazy attempt at developing something “just because” for no real reason.

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