If you want to solve as many mysteries as you wish you should probably check out for some hacks because the game won’t give you enough energy! But, don’t worry, we have just discovered a new hacking system which is not based on old generators. Forget about the fake ones and start hacking like a pro!

This hack of ours works both on Android and iOS platforms and the best part is that it can work on several devices at the same time. It’s recommended to use it from your PC! So don’t waste any more time and energy will be gained in no time!

How to Use This Cheat?

This system works like a trade.The only thing you have to do is to download free apps from the list that is offered and after every download you obtain a certain amount of points in your account. When you obtain enough points you simply trade them for resource reward packages.

Sometimes you can also get some extra stuff! So, the more energy you want the more points you have to spend! Simple and easy! For more instructions watch the video until the end and you won’t have any problems! Enjoy!

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