In the game, Angela will tell you about her day at school. You can also play mini games with her. In the mini-game called “Fashion Show” you can dress up Angela with clothes that she wears in the real world. In another one called “Shopping” you can go shopping with Angela to buy new clothes for her wardrobe. The player can customize their own doll by choosing a name, hair color, eye color, skin color and clothing. For any customization you will be needing a bunch of diamonds! You can either purchase them in-game or simply use this new My Talking Angela 2 cheats and ensure yourself with a smooth and enjoyable gameplay.


It’s not easy to find free diamonds in the game, but now you can get them for free using this awesome tool!! Come back whenever you wish to re-fill your perks and don’t worry, theres plenty for everyone!  n the game, players have to help Angela with various tasks. One of these tasks is to earn diamonds. These diamonds can be used to buy new items and upgrades for Angela’s house. However, the game has a limit on the number of times you can earn diamonds per day and it’s not easy to make enough money in-game to purchase all the things you want for your pet. Enjoy this tool and come back for more diamonds!!