Nintendo has made some major changes to the Switch Lite console by removing features such as sliding joy-conn controllers, kickstand and the dock for connection to a TV. These changes have made the console better, contrary to what some people expected.



Switch Lite the light nature of the console is one of the factors contributing to the comfortability it comes with. The outside casing it comes in also makes it easy to move around which is another factor enhancing comfort. The handles are made with plastic with a matte finish that only makes your grip better. All these ensure you don’t feel any strain as you hold the device. Even though it is smaller than the original Lite, it is still better to touch.


Fitting the switch Lite into your pocket or bag is easy which makes it easy to move around with. It’s plastic casing also enhances its durability and cooling effect which means it doesn’t overheat easily. With a new processor, the console has a longer battery life that can last up to 7 hours.

Better screen

The high definition display of this device together with its highly functioning software adds to its advantages. It has a sharp resolution and a pixel density that is higher than other devices like a MacBook Pro.



With only 32Gb internal storage, you’ll be forced to add a storage device. This is a major disappointment for most Nintendo fans and given the price of switch Lite, it was expected to deliver better storage space. The number of games you will be able to fit into this console is limited.

Lack of Bluetooth audio

The device comes with a headphone jack which means it doesn’t support Bluetooth connection. This means you’ll be forced to carry wired headphones with you as you move around.


If you prefer the original Lite then you can still get it. However, if you want a handheld device then switch Lite is the best option for you. Its design makes it attractive and the games are great on it.

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