Oninaki focuses on the tale of Kagachi who’s a youthful guard that helps lost souls cross over to the other world. It’s overseen by the creative producer, Takashi Tokita, who made Parasite Eve and Chrono Trigger.

Ever since Kagachi met a strange woman named Linne, he’s been in constant contact with death and blood. When playing as Kagachi you can use unique strong abilities and skills that come from the Daemons he controls.

Every Daemon has a customizable skill tree for you to put your skill points into. Death seems to only be the start as you go through the invigorating storyline, breathtaking action RPG mechanics, and atmosphere of which you haven’t experienced before.

Oninaki is playable on the PS4, Steam, and Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch and PS4 have physical copies with a stunning sleeve that’s reversible and beautiful artwork featuring the protagonists from the game.

What’s Oninaki?

Oninaki is an action RPG that takes inspiration from old Japanese games and moves it into the modern platform of today’s gaming industry. It’s made by Tokyo RPG factory and is their first RPG released even though it’s their third game. The first two games were Lost Sphear and I Am Setsuna. This is where a lot of the character development, art, and unique storyline were inspired from to make an intimate JRPG feeling.

What’s Square Enix Ltd?

Square Enix is a company that distributes, publishes, develops, and licenses TAITO, EIDOS, and Square Enix content. They distribute to Europe, America, and other PAL territories. They have development studios all across the world such as EIDOS or Crystal Dynamics, and are responsible for popular titles such as Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts.