There is a new game that will be getting the iOS treatment coming out sometime around Fall. Papa Pear Saga was created off of the game Candy Crush. Both games are created by King. The formal post came out by the makers that it is officially happening before Winter. All iOS devices will be able to play Papa Pear Saga very soon. Even though we do not have the release date, it’s still good to know to have a timeframe.

There are similar games to Papa Pear Saga such as Peggle. They both have the objectives of launching balls and clearing titles to move forward to the next level. These games are great fun and can be totally addictive. They have added new challenges to this game to make it more interesting. There are more goals to meet with harder levels that will make you keep wanting more.

Papa Pear Saga is not like any of King’s other games. It is still of great quality with added physics elements to keep people involved more. This game gets played over 1 billion times in a single day. Those numbers are amazing.

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