Following a successful launch in China, Perfect World Games is now bringing the mobile version of the legendary perfect world classic. The version of the original PC game still has amazing controls for the mobile devices but it doesn’t lose its stunning nature.

Perfect World recently announced the characters who will be in the new version. There will be winged elves, humans and untamed to choose from and there will also be more customization options within the classes, allowing players to use their style of play to choose a class.

The customization feature will also allow players to upload their pictures which will then be used on their characters and it is made possible with the new technology the game comes with. The technology will also allow players to communicate with others by streaming live, thanks to the sharing options available.

Perfect World Mobile has retained many features from the PC version and they are all expected to keep the players engaged. A unique flight system, epic combat, and a huge continent are some of those features in addition to the many classes. A system that allows players to enhance their skills and graphics that bring up realistic effects and lighting are also other features.

The new technology used in this game has created a smooth transition into mobile platforms. Details of the environment have changed to fit the new platform but they are still great.

The optimization of other features such as aerial combat has also made the game fulfilling on the new platform. Also, the 3D feature enhances the user experience.

All these features are believed to be part of the reason why this game reached the second spot just 5 hours after it was launched. It had over 2 million downloads within a couple of hours after the release that took place in China.

It is also one of the most recommended games, showing just how great users have found it to be. To get the game, you can visit the official site and register. It is available for both Android and iOS users.

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