Currently available on the Google Play Store, and App Store, Potion Punch 2 has been causing quite a buzz in the gaming field. In this game, the alchemist Lyra is on a journey to find a cure for Noam, her mentor who has become a victim of a gnome spell and thus has shrunk in size.

Join Lyra in Her Magical Journey

A cooking simulator and potion shop is what this game is. Lyra thrives to become a more efficient alchemist in order to find a cure for Noam. Potion Punch 2 allows you to join Lyra in her magical journey that involves traveling to magical restaurants, potions shops, and even running taverns.

Gamers Put Their Skills to the Test

Gamers will able to put their brewing and cooking skills to the test as they create finger-licking mixtures to provide to consumers. The goal is for customers to become loyal, which can only be acquired by always being nice and being wise in the aspect of aesthetics.

Becoming a Master Alchemist

You will be able to decorate your shop with colorful and fun decorations, upgrade appliances, and become a master alchemist. It is vital to keep up with the rush of lunch every time, which will be an easy task once you get the hang of the Potion Punch 2 game.

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