What to expect?

If you are up for re-living the 2009 adventure now on your iPad, this remake is going to bring a warm feeling of nostalgia. This Hidden Object game is the perfect choice for everyone that are interested in unraveling the mysteries while playing as NYPD detective. Much like its predecessor, Righteous Kill 2: Revenge of the Poet Killer is an alright game but if you are looking for that spark in the game, this one is lacking that.

The story is quite obvious if you are familiar with the original one; you are following clues and the path of the Poet Killer while stumbling upon some pretty creepy messages and exploring different locations.

Once you complete a hidden object scene you have to also complete a puzzle, which makes things more interesting. Seek out various objects in hope to unravel the Poet Killer’s true identity. You can even make thing more amusing by for example using a cotton pad and swiping it for a blood sample – combine items whichever way you think they suit the best and see what happens. Search for fingerprints by dusting surfaces and reassemble torn up documents.

Help officer Erika Dean solve all those horrific crimes and bring the justice back. The story basically just continues where we left off in the first part so just lay back and enjoy while the story unfolds.

While playing the main game you will be introduced to variety of mini games so you can mix your gameplay the way you want. There is also an element of working in a lab for testing DNA samples and matching bullets for the weapon you currently own.

Hunt down the clues, piece together the case while studying the scenes of the crimes one at the time. You can go back and forth between locations just like in real investigations and search them multiple times for fresh clues or maybe something you have missed.

The gameplay is quite simple, as you enter the scene you will be given a list of items you need to search for and usually one of the hidden items will be the poetry note left behind by the killer – that will add a few more objects to your list. You can also use the ability to click the flashlight in dark places or use keys for opening doors.

From beginning until end, Righteous Kill 2 stays loyal to its murder investigation theme and with mini games included, the experience of a tale of murder and betrayal is quite immersive.

Overall if you are looking to amuse yourself by finding hidden object in a various of places, this will be the perfect choice for you but keep in mind it is a little bit outdated and while is it still an interesting story, the visual don’t really manage to spark that joy in you. Still, it is not a deal-breaker if you are someone who wants to relax and find hidden objects while solving crimes scenes.

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