If you are looking to play a great RPG game with 2D graphics that is simply a joy to look at and even better once you are playing it, Shadowrun Returns is a perfect pick. Most of you probably already know about Shadowrun franchise and how it has evolved over the years becoming so much more than its price.

Once you start the game, before the story unfolds, you will be able to change your character and customize it according to your taste, choose which race you want your character to be and customize the stats. After than you are ready to start the journey.

You will have to find jobs in order to get money and that way make it in a world, but you will be on a task to discover who killed your partner and unfold the mystery of his murder. Time will start to fly by, once the story unfolds and you will be immersed into investigating until the end of the game.

While hiding behind objects is an option, turn based combat system has different options where player can choose how to defeat enemies. You can choose to fight with fire, equipped weapons or special abilities.

Once you kill the enemies, you can upgrade your equipment with money and use karma points once the enemy is down, to learn new skills from the set and prepare for harder enemies.

Unfortunately, the downside to this game is its music, or actually lack of it. The same goes for voice acting, since there is almost nothing more than occasional grunt, Shadowrun Returns arrived with not that many sound effects. Although, some soundtrack wouldn’t hurt, there is no real reason why developers decided to go for this.

Even with the lack of music, and occasional NPC’s conversation, Shadowrun Returns is an excellent RPG game that is worth of you time and money. With amazing graphics, you will experience a great story with a couple of twist which is exactly what a murder mystery game should be.

If you enjoy role playing game, don’t miss out on this one, since you will have so much fun playing it.

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