In this PvP racing game, all characters from the Sonic franchise are racing and the best one wins. Since winning these races is requiring some skill, we are here to make sure that you manage to win most of them, or at least some of them.

With these tips and tricks, you are going to become the best racer there is but surely, we can’t do much about those lag issues that are occurring sometimes. Hopefully that problem will be fixed in the near future, but until then all we can do is enjoy this awesome race game that includes our beloved characters.

So, in order to get right into it, here are Sonic Forces tips and tricks to run like the wind no matter what.

1. Watch your front and back

Always make sure to check out at the route ahead and plan your move once you see what is coming towards you. Be ready for unexpected obstacles to make the right move and avoid getting hit. You can’t really look behind, but you can always keep a close eye for an exclamation mark which indicated something is coming. Keep in mind that you will only have less than a second to react so always be on alert though out the race. 

2. Collect coins!

More coins = more speed. So, make sure to pick up as many coins as you can and boost your speed in order to go faster and win that race before others do.

3. Fire weapons wisely

The best way to launch a weapon is when opponent is right in front of you or the best scenario is if there are two of them. Even better one is if you also have coins in front of you so you can pick them up with your weapon. Make sure to move to the next lane if you see your opponent heading towards the coin, and that way you can get a perfect hit with your missile.

4. Use your Star Runner

Each day, one of your runners will become the star runner which means that you will earn double rewards in the first five races you choose to run with them. Even if your star runner is a weak character, it’s worth of playing with it since you will get those spicy rewards. You can also watch the ads and that way acquire the reward. That way you can quickly and easily fill up your slots for new characters to obtain.

5. Pick out the best character for races

When the star runner bonus wears off, you can pick out the best character to run with him. Each character has a different skill and boost which makes up for any weaknesses but keep in mind that all the characters are really good. Check out their base stats which are speed, acceleration and strength, and also bear in mind to check out their skills and that way decide which one you like the most. When you want to do so, tap on each boost under the items category and each character will show you their skills and base stats with some other details. The other option is to simply race with all of them and try it first-hand.

6. Keep moving!

Once you find yourself in front of the pack, the best advice is to keep moving from lane to lane even if you don’t see any obstacles. That way you can avoid any incoming projectiles and make your opponents wondering what your next move is. Always be on alert since you never know around which corner obstacle is going to be waiting,

7. Upgrade your best runners

At the end, you will eventually upgrade them all, but at first focus on your favorite ones and don’t spend all your resources all over the place. Especially if you have no extra money or shards in order to upgrade other characters, your main focus should be upgrading the ones you usually run with. Eventually, all of them will be star runners at some point, bringing those extra rewards, so you can upgrade them all in time.

And that would be it for our Sonic Forces tips and tricks we have prepared and if you have any suggestions, don’t hesitate to comment below and share your thoughts to help fellow racer. 

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