It is quite obvious that using touch sensitive display is the perfect way to play games like Supermarket Management 2, so in this article we are going to elaborate if it is really that playable and amazing on iOS devices.

We are introduced to the game with a girl telling her grandmother a story about her latest nightmare while doing yoga. The nightmare was about the family shop and you are going to do everything in your power to stop it from turning into reality. The game mechanics are quite basic for this type of game, so you will be restocking shelves and making sure all trolleys are placed in the right order while helping customers get what they need from your newly opened shop.

The craziness is lurking around the corner so prepare your fast fingers for pure fun and complete madness that awaits, and believe me, it will arrive soon enough.

Luckily, you will be not on your own in pleasing the demands of your customers. You will be able to hire staff and that way make your job a lot easier. Upgrade the staff and your character to make everything more efficient in your workplace and it is always required to have a helping hand if you are interested in collecting some extra coins and that way make more money.

It might seem like a basic chore, but you will be needing a lot of practice and skill to truly make it into a reality.

While the mechanics in this game can become quite repetitive, frequent twists are a very refreshment. You can try yourself in a variety of mini games. They seem quick and easy but don’t be fooled, you will need to work under pressure all the time and focusing on a few different things all at once isn’t a vacation.

The minigames will put a pause on your endless tapping and give you a little break while still making you work hard for your reward. In between some levels, you will be introduced to new mini games with which you can achieve plenty of coins and that way upgrade faster so make sure not to skip precious minigames and use that opportunity to the fullest.

Overall, Supermarket Management 2 is nicely done, quite immersive and challenging game so if you do get a chance to play it, don’t miss out on it if you are into time management games. Otherwise, if you are not quite sure if you are into these types of game, this one might change your mind for its great mechanics and incredible potential. Keep in mind you might get addicted for a while.

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