Developed by Big Fish, this hidden object game is offering gamers a weird kind of genre. The Red Riding Hood Sisters will most likely convert you if you are not really into finding hidden objects or at least keep you interested in expanding further your options in this kind of genre.

You will enter the creepy game by being a young detective exploring and finding out things about this dark tale world. While hordes of evil wolves are being released into the world by the vicious Wolf Queen, you mission is to find women who have sworn to protect the land, Red Riding Hood Sisters.

The story will unfold fast and the world will be populated with many characters and very well-designed environments. Truly capturing the danger of the classic fairy tales, while marking the game to be something really original, The Red Riding Hood Sisters will enchant you with an eerie story and wonderful landscapes.

While the main focus of the game is indeed finding hidden objects, you will need to explore the section of the world first to unlock your area with objects. Then you will have to find locations of different articles positioned in a way where might not always be at your sight. When you combine the certain objects from that one area in the right order, you may proceed to the next area to explore and complete many puzzles that game have to offer.

Finding objects can be quite challenging at times but rarely frustrating while you will need to rely on your observation skill. While the game can be difficult, it brings a great sense of satisfaction once you complete the task. You can also focus on completing variety of different puzzles through-out the game to maintain interest.

They are ranged from easiest to the hardest and more complex than hidden objects and will challenge your memory and matching abilities. With plenty of locations for exploration, which brings a feeling of adventure and avoids simply following from each other.  

In the matter of graphics, they are striking with original character designs and glow while very detailed backgrounds will create unsettling state. To introduce you more to the story, cutscenes are nicely animated and made with confidence to bring the story with an exciting pace. Very imaginative and creative, the script is supreme with generally limiting and quiet, but minimalist approach, sounds in the game are adding to the atmosphere.

The music will make the player feel isolated as he should and matching wonderfully with the experience of the character you are playing in the game. With a very simple interface, The Red Riding Hood Sisters is quite intuitive with plenty of tasks and items that add up logically. If you are a fan of hidden object games, you will be most likely loving this one.

With dark aspects and creepy landscapes, The Red Riding Hood Sisters is the perfect combination of entertainment and enthralling story, well designed and featuring great graphics. Overall, a great puzzle adventure game, and if you think you will be weirded out, don’t hesitate to give it a try, you just might like it.

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