When you go down the memory lane and think about your school days, you probably remember the times of sitting at the desk and doing your homework. Or what about times you had to go to the mall with your friends and forgot about your homework completely? We all went through this.

But today’s children have opportunity for a different approach to this matter. There are a lot of apps on the market that help students of all ages keep track of their afterschool tasks and communicate and consult each other to solve problems.

So if you have some science or literature or any other homework to do this afternoon, here are some helpers on the way. Check out our suggestions!

1.    Homework App

Users of this app are able to make plans and organize their assignments. They can track done tasks during certain period of time, make statistics and keep deadlines in mind. The app is easy to use so even younger students can benefit.

2.    Socratic

This app enables you to search for solutions in its base and will help you with any science, math or English assignment you have. For example, take a photo of a math problem and the app will provide you with an answer.

The app has many textbooks available so you can look for solutions yourself.

3.    Scanner Pro

You can save all your homework online on Google Drive. Just download Scanner Pro and store all your assignments so you never lose track. This app stores your documents as PDFs that you can edit.

4.    Refme

This app offers you to cite in an easy way. Turn on the camera on your phone and the app will format a citation in formats used at your school.

5.    Documents

Originally this is a planer app, but it can manage your homework in excellent manner. Doesn’t matter if the documents are saved on Google Drive or Dropbox, the app will have the access to all of them. You can enter any file and edit it, or print the final saved version. Although some teachers find the usage of homework apps as cheating, it is far from that. These apps lead kids into finding solutions in fun and easy way. The time has changed and we need to keep up with technology and its possibilities.