The main thing that eventually decides if you are going to accept the job offer or not is money. After all, you need funds that will pay your bills every month. If you have a generous benefit package beside the good salary, you hit the jackpot. But these are not the only things that motivate us to get up every morning and go to the office. It is always a good feeling when you get a positive feedback for your work.

That’s why great companies develop recognition strategies to make their employees feel good about themselves and manage to preserve the hardest working ones.

Gratitude that comes from your boss can mean a lot, especially after you give your best performance. Now it is easy to get rewarded and recognized, because there are a lot of apps that can help managers to let their employees know they appreciate their effort.

In this spirit, let’s recognize some of the most popular apps to boost your working spirit. In case that you are interested to find out what app developers are the most successful, click right here!

1.    GiveAWow

This is a great interactive app. The users will be able to give recognition to each other, reach out to colleges and socialize after a well done job. There is also a fun feature on the app. Every time colleges reward you for good work, you will get credits to download music on Billboard. Sounds like a good motivation?

GiveAWow’s best features:

  • Immediate thanks for successfully finished tasks
  • Achievement applause
  • Links between employees and objectives of the company
  • Analysis of behavior of individual employee or team.

Try it out on iOS or Android device free for 30 days or subscribe for $99 to make recognition plans for less than 50 employees.

2.    Bonusly

This app lets employees recognize each other’s success. Users get a point allowance that they can distribute to their coworkers as they like. These points will convert to dollars and you can spend them on gifts you choose from a catalog. This app is free of charge for iOS and Android users.

Bonusly’s best features:

  • Make custom and advances reports
  • Streaming various types of rewards
  • Evaluation of recognition trends in teams

3.    Great Work

 This effective and easy to use app allows its users to send and receive inspiring messages from each other and also share them on Twitter and Facebook. Celebrate your achievements with your team and reward good results instantly.

Great Work’s best features:

  • You can highlight personal and team’s success
  • Share presentations
  • Track employees’ recognition and development

This app is available for free on every iOS and Android device.

4.    Kudos

The app works as a social network. It is very affordable for companies with large number of employees. It is created to connect coworkers and allow them better communication. Also, bosses will have an insight to all employees’ achievements and track their personal development.

Kudos’ best features:

  • Various levels of recognition
  • Private feedback from other employees and bosses
  • Communication with teammates

Download this app on iOS and Android for only $2 per month per one employee.

5.    Achievers

This app is created to help HR department. This way the Human Resources will have an insight into employees’ behavior, satisfaction, recognition, achievements and personal aspirations. The reporting option will enable managers to have instant information about their employees’ performance.

Achievers’ best features:

  • Tools for managers
  • Data analysis system
  • Recognition of employees on social level