The Toxic Beast is the name that has been given to the first worldwide event for The Drowning. People that like the game should be interested in the Toxic Beast event.

The Toxic Beast evemt is being held to launch new monsters in The Drowning. There will be a live game play competition and the best players will win prizes. Prizes and glory to play for, Toxic Beast is ideal for serious players.

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Depending on the success of the Toxic Beast week long contest, the developers of The Drowning will host similar launch events in the future. That is according to the general manager of Scattered Entertainment. Ben Cousins. He was pleased with how much attention the planned event had brought to The Drowning. It would seem that there will be follow up events to the Toxic Beast Event both for this game and others.

Not only will the winners get great The Drowning prizes and some loot as well.

If you are gamer and like playing exciting and addictive games – read about this one!