For those of you who love Warhammer Quest, this will be an exciting announcement. Rodeo Games has announced that they will expand the game with The Brutal Tribe.

There are a lot of perks that come with this new edition to the game. You will get different prizes, more protagonists, and alternative enemies. There will also be new missions that come, which will probably be the more interesting part. Those who have conquered Warhammer Quest will love getting back into battle again.

The storyline will be different but the game will still follow a lot of the conventional patterns of the original. There are not any more details about what exactly will be different about the loot or the new conquerors.

Keep an eye out towards September 2020 which is when you can expect the game to hit the iOS shelves. Make sure that you show your support for the original Warhammer Quest by reviewing it while you wait.

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