Do you want to earn some free cryptopoints for your Zero City? If you do so, you will advance in the game super fast! You will save time and money spent on searching the internet for hacks that actually work. That’s why we came up to plan to develop a fresh and reliable system! In this new system of ours everything is based on swapping not like the old fashioned generators!

This is a much more effective solution you won’t regret trying! Once you start making huge amounts of cryptocoins, you will never stop using it! First of all this new hacking system works on all devices – Android/iOS phones, tablets and even PC’s. We suggest you to use your PC for best results and most effective way!

How to Use This Cheat?

The difference from the old way of hacking the games is that now we use system based on swapping, not generating rewards. You will earn a certain number of points for every time you download any of the free apps. Each app carries a different value of points, and you can accumulate them, and then exchange those points, aka buy the reward packages in the next step.

You will be offered several available cryptopoints packages, so you can choose which one suits you and your gameplay the best! If you are still a little bit confused, then feel free to check out a short video with instructions that we prepared for you which will guide you through our new discovery. Enjoy your new free resources and have fun!

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